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A week ago today I was in Tampa, Florida with my two best friends! Last June Lauren got married and moved up to Minneapolis and then in July, Beth moved to Tampa – so we have only seen one another a few times besides our weekly Monday night google+ dates. We all turn(ed) 25 this […]

As you’re reading this, I am on my way up to Minneapolis to meet up with my friend Lauren. We will be flying out of MN to visit our friend Beth in Tampa for 5 days! Lauren, Beth, and I grew up together and have always been just a few hours away (sometimes just a […]

This trip was such a great break from the real world! We escaped the cold and gloomy Iowa weather for 9 days as my family and I cruised around the Caribbean. Instead of departing from Florida, we decided to cruise the southern Caribbean, so we boarded the ship from Puerto Rico! We had four stops – […]

I have been counting down the days and this week has felt like a lifetime, but we are finally on our way! My family and I are headed south to Puerto Rico where we will board our cruise ship! We’ll be stopping at Curacao, Aruba, St. Kitts, and St. Thomas (where this photo was taken on […]

While I was in Denver last week I was visiting my friends Sarah and Chad. Sarah and I lived together (along with 9 other girls) our senior year at the University of Minnesota. These two married in July of 2012, so they are nearing their 2 year anniversary quickly! Last year they took a leap […]