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Mollie and I first met each other when we were really little, her grandparents (Betty and Ray) are great friends with my grandparents. So when my sister and I would visit our Grandma and Grandpa during the summer, we would sometimes get to go over to Betty and Ray’s house on the lake. So when […]

Kyle and Kenidy grew up in the same town, but being two years apart and attending different high schools, they didn’t end up meeting until after college. This past October as they were driving together, they were pulled over and asked to step out of the car. And that’s when Kyle got down on one knee […]

I loved getting to photograph this sweet growing family! Paula, Brandon, Levi and AJ stopped by the studio to document this exciting chapter in their lives. AJ and Levi have the cutest personalities and the best knock knock jokes 😉 ! I’m so excited for this family and the arrival of their little girl! Paula is just […]

Little Ellis will be celebrating her first birthday soon and I had the privilege of taking her one year photos last week in the studio! Ellis was on the move all morning, crawling everywhere and dancing along as her older sister Addy sang Taylor Swift songs. Towards the end of our time we had her standing up […]

This fall I started renting a natural light studio in Valley Junction! It is a gorgeous neutral space that works perfectly for photos indoors while still having access to natural lighting! It has been great for those chilly days and will be amazing to have an indoor option this winter for engagement and family photos! I […]