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Such a fun evening spent with Jack taking his senior photos! We stopped at a few different locations around Des Moines to get a good mix of looks, but I think my favorites might be the ones taken near the water. Jack is a swimmer, so it made sense to add some water to the […]

Fun fact: I only have one full-blooded cousin. BUT I do have 18 ‘step’-cousins! Emma is one of my cousins that came into my life when my dad married my step-mom Julie. 🙂 And I’m so happy she chose me to take her senior photos! Emma is a fellow introvert and clarinetist (she also plays the […]

When Sabrina emailed me asking if I would take her senior portraits I was pretty impressed. Sabrina’s parents put her in charge of finding her own photographer and contacting them. I LOVE this! I felt like I got to know Sabrina a lot more as we emailed back and forth and planned out what she had […]

It’s not often that I get to photograph the same people multiple times in a year, but I’m so glad I got to! Luke is the younger brother of John, and John married Sarah this summer (which I had the honor of photographing!). I absolutely loved getting to know more members of the Peters Family! Luke plays […]

I recently got to photograph Kyle’s senior photos. I have worked with his dad, Dennis (of Des Moines’ Best DJ Services) a few times and he asked if I would take his son’s senior photos. I let Kyle pick the spot and he chose Maffitt Lake, which I had never even heard of, but loved! This […]