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This Friday’s Finds is going to look a little different than the past few. I wanted to start incorporating things that I’ve been doing along with things that I have found lately! This winter has been mighty harsh and we’ve been stuck inside for what seems like forever! I stumbled upon a few books that […]

If there is one thing that I love as much as weddings during the summer it is garage sales. I like the excitement of not knowing what you will find throughout the day and the endless possibilities of what you can do or make with what you find. A few weeks ago on a Saturday […]

A few weeks ago my friend Sarah (check out her food blog here!) came to visit for the weekend. We had a lot of fun ice skating, playing kickball with the family, and crocheting. We also spent a day in Des Moines’ East Village and browsed through the antique shops. I was able to find […]

Here are some fun deals I found when going to garage sales this summer! A cool teal vase for 10¢! An Argus 75 camera. It came complete with the flash, extra bulbs, and the original box. A pair of hide-away binoculars. They make for a neat trinket on my bookself.