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Peri | Headshots

Peri and I first met back in 2008 (yeesh that is so long ago!) our freshman year at the University of Minnesota. We lived on the design floor of our dorm – she being an interior design major and me being in the graphic design program. And she just so happened to be from Des Moines as well! Fast forward three years and we both happened to sign up for the London summer abroad and intern program and were placed together to live in the same flat!

After graduation we both moved back to Des Moines and each ended up in the wedding industry. She worked designing and staging weddings and invited me to a few networking events helping me get my feet on the ground as I started my business. Peri has now gone on to become a licensed real estate agent and staging consultant with Keller Williams and is starting to build her client base! I couldn’t be more excited for her. With her background in interior design paired with her perfectionism, I think she is going to do amazingly well in this field. I wish I was in the market for a new house 😉

Peri asked if I would take her head shots and here are some of my favorites! It was a super windy day so we stayed indoors in the Des Moines Central Library and ventured outside near the end. If anyone is looking for a great realtor get in touch! Peri’s email is:

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