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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

It is amazing how just a few sentences can create so much joy and bring so much happiness. “We just got your box yesterday and I have to tell you that it is adorable! The stationary, stamp, ribbon, USB…you thought of every little detail all the way down to the tape, and that is so special to us! What an amazing photographer and  businesswoman you are!! It was like opening a gift! I can’t wait for the wedding pictures.”

And you know what made me smile the most? When I read the word “businesswoman”. So many times when I tell someone what I do for a living, when they hear photographer – I feel like they are only hearing part of what I do. I think some people look at me and think this is just a phase or a hobby. That some think that I have it good only having to work on Saturday and having the rest of the week off (so not true). That because I work from home – I can be free to do anything during the week. So much goes on behind the scenes. Time spent prepping gear for the wedding day, creating timelines, coordinating second shooters, filing sales tax, scouting out shoot locations, email correspondence, collecting contracts and emailing receipts, blogging and updating my website, and editing. Lots and lots of editing. My schedule may be flexible, but I have to schedule in time to edit the photos, otherwise it simply doesn’t get done.

3 years ago when I started this journey of becoming a wedding photographer, I simply just wanted to take photos and be my own boss. I had no idea how much work would be put into my business. But along with that work, so much satisfaction and joy has come along with it. I put so much of my heart into the photos that I take and to hear that the images brought joy into my clients’ lives – That is why I love this job. I love being able to call myself a photographer – but often times that doesn’t explain enough of what I do. I am a businesswoman, and entrepreneur, and a photographer. And those titles are ones that I am so proud to own.

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!


(photo by: Britany Rath)


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