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Engagement Session Tips

Spring is near and engagement sessions are about to start up! I absolutely love engagement sessions – they provide a time that I can get to know my clients one on one. And I love when  my clients become friends – it allows them to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and I am more able to capture their personalities. I thought I would post some tips to help you prepare for your session!

Who // This is a silly question. Of course you two! + Me (I’m a professional third wheel! ha!) I know having your photos taken can be a nerve wracking experience and it’s not always everyone’s favorite thing to do. Just remember to be open to the process and don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you two have fun characteristics that make your relationship unique let them come through! The more you open up to the camera the more personal and true your photos will be. And feel free to be a little goofy 🙂 Also, it can be beneficial to prepare your groom for the session. A lot of times my brides have seen my work and read my blog but I find that a lot of grooms never see my work before having their photos taken. It might help to show your guy some of my past engagement sessions. This will help you get a feel for my work and see my style. My style is a little more relaxed and not as posed as other photographers are. So by looking at previous engagement sessions – it can let you know what to expect.



What to wear // Wear something that makes you feel great! Something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Most couples choose to do two outfits. One casual and one more dressy. I would suggest avoiding small patterns if you can and go towards bright colors, fun accessories and/or a scarf. And it’s usually best to coordinate your’s and his outfits rather than matching them. What I mean, is look for different colors or a color & a neutral that go well together instead of trying to find outfits that are the same colors.



Where to go // Remember to be you! I love when couples choose the location they want to shoot at. Not only does it take me out of my usual spots but it also adds another meaningful layer to the photos. A place that is meaningful to you or somewhere that you visit often. Or you can choose to include an activity that you do together or add personal items that help show off your personality. When looking for spots for photos I look for great light first and location second. The lighting can make or break a photo. Some of my favorite images have come from locations that don’t look so great in person but when captured on camera with great natural light, you would never guess they were taken in a parking garage.


Why // I include an engagement session in all of my wedding packages. Partially because most of my couples want engagement photos taken. And primarily because it makes excellent practice for the wedding day. Couples who have their engagement session learn what it’s like to be in front of my camera and are much more comfortable on their wedding day. It also gives me time to get to know you and your quirks. How you interact. I love getting to know my couples this way and it makes the wedding day a little less stressful. 🙂 



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