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Friday’s Finds | vol. 4

This Friday’s Finds is going to look a little different than the past few. I wanted to start incorporating things that I’ve been doing along with things that I have found lately!


This winter has been mighty harsh and we’ve been stuck inside for what seems like forever! I stumbled upon a few books that I had put aside to read awhile ago and finally picked them up. I purposely strayed away from reading while in school so as not to get distracted from my homework. But I can say that I’ve gotten into my reading groove again. When I find a good book, it pulls me in and often times I can rarely focus on anything else until I finish it. The Fault in Our Stars did just that. I think I read it over the course of two or three days and absolutely loved it. It’s been talked about quite a lot and  I was kind of avoiding reading it to be honest. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘sad’ books. Though I do end up learning a lot from them, I still stay away and guard myself, and I’m the same with movies. But after hearing about this movie and seeing the trailer, I was intrigued enough to read the sample chapter on Amazon – which got me hooked. If you have any suggestions of books that you loved let me know!


I probably sound like a middle aged man when I say this, but I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of loafers. I don’t know what triggered the search for them- but I’ve been looking for a good and comfy pair of shoes that I can wear on wedding days. And let me tell you, trying to find a good pair of shoes that are appropriate for a wedding day is a hard job! (Last year I wore a pair of black TOMS but I feel like they were too casual for a wedding.) Well I finally found a pair! They are a tad plain/boring – but they were on sale and are super comfy. I tried them on to show my sister and let’s just say that sweatpants might not be the best to pair with these shoes. It looked like I was wearing man slippers. But I think paired with the right accessaries they could be a pretty cool pair of shoes 😉


I went up to Minneapolis last weekend to visit a few friends! One of the things we did over the weekend was a trip to Minnehaha Falls. Throughout the four years that lived in Minneapolis, I visited the falls multiple times. For some reason never during the winter months. The falls are technically closed during the winter but everyone climbs over the fence anyway. They were so cool to walk around and see the water frozen in place! After looking around the falls for a little while we went on a winter hike, following the trails throughout the park.


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