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Friday’s Finds | vol. 3

If there is one thing that I love as much as weddings during the summer it is garage sales. I like the excitement of not knowing what you will find throughout the day and the endless possibilities of what you can do or make with what you find. A few weeks ago on a Saturday that I didn’t have a wedding I set out with my friend Lauren and our mothers. We spent the day hunting for treasures. I found this table below. It’s a little wobbly and needs to be sanded down and re-stained but I’m looking forward to the project. Projects like this I really enjoy and they actually help me zone out and relax a little. It was originally marked for $10 but I offered $8 and she took it, so I’m even happier with the purchase! I’ll be sure to post an ‘after’ photo once I have time to fix it up.

I actually got this next treasure for free. I’m not sure the people who were getting rid of it knew/know the value of a crock. (I saw the same one at an antique store a few weeks later marked for $75 – not sure if anyone would buy it for that much though) Or if they really just didn’t want it anymore. But anyway it was free and is now mine! It does have a chip near the top, but I don’t mind. I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet. But I really like it.

Have you found any great finds lately?

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