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Garrett | Des Moines, IA Senior Photos

Can you believe that I only have one cousin. I mean, I have a lot of second cousins and many step-cousins – but Garrett is my sister and I’s one and only first cousin. And he is a senior this year! I am blown away at how much he has grown up these past few years. Every time I see him I feel as if he has grown another 2 inches! I actually remember thinking when I was 8 years old and Garrett was only 3, what he would be like when he was a teenager. Whelp world – this is Garrett. He has grown up to be such a responsible young man full of personality. Juggling cross-country, with show choir, soccer, his part-time job – all the while being a senior in High School. I’m so excited to see who he becomes and what he gets to experience these next four years as he goes off to college and has the opportunity to branch out and grow up even more.

Thank you Garrett for allowing me to take your senior photos! I still can’t believe that this is your last year of high school. And thank you Julie for doing such a great job at making him laugh!

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