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April Fool’s!

April Fool’s day is one of my favorite days of the year.  A holiday with the sole reason of pulling pranks on people? Yes please! In the 621 [the house in which I lived with 10 other girls for my last year of college (no we were not a sorority, just 11 girls living in community and encouraging each other in life)] we pulled quite a few pranks on one another. Some of my favorites were hiding in the dark pantry waiting to jump out at someone (Val) when they came along, taping up an Edward Cullen poster on the outside of Morgan’s bedroom window to make it look like he was looking in (that was one of the loudest reactions we heard all year), and putting vaseline on Beth’s door handle. Those were just everyday occurrences in the 621.

I had planned my April Fool’s joke quite awhile in advance. In the fall, one of our housemates (I’m not so sure she would like to be named haha) was backing out of our driveway and her car was too close to the house. She ended up pulling some of the siding off of the corner of our house. It was pretty noticeable, but we didn’t report it, thinking we would be charged for the damage, especially since they rarely came to fix things when we did report them. A few months later, our landlords came and fixed the corner – no problem, no questions asked, which we thought was extremely odd. Here is where my April Fool’s day planning began. I decided to write a letter from our landlords billing us for the cost of repairing the damage to our house. I included one of my housemates, Sarah, in on the secret for two reasons. 1) She was on the lookout for my prank this year because the year before I had texted her I couldn’t continue in our marathon training together because I had sprained my ankle pretty badly. And 2) All of my housemates knew how much I loved April Fool’s day and were already watching out for my tricks, I needed someone else to tape the letter up on our white board. Everyone’s reactions were priceless. Allison believed so much that it was true, that she wanted to somehow turn it into an April Fool’s joke – not fully realizing it was already a joke. And I believe Colleen freaked out the most with lots of yelling and worrying about how our housemate Beth was going to take the news.

 This year my mom and I called a truce and decided to join forces. We are going to put a for sale sign in our yard for my little brothers to see as they get off the school bus. My little brother Michael loves our house. Even if we are on vacation, after a few days, no matter how much fun he is having, he wants to go home. Hopefully we will get some good reactions from the both of them.

What have been some of your favorite April Fool’s day jokes? Have you been fooled yet today? Personally, I really enjoyed Google’s Gmail Blue prank!


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