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One Line A Day.

I have always had such a love/hate relationship with journaling. I absolutely love being able to look back at what has happened in your life and what you were feeling in that precise moment. Being able to relive the excitement and the emotion through your own writing. Seeing how things have changed you and have altered your view or understanding of something. But I hate taking the time to write it all down. I get too impatient or tired of writing down all of the details of an event. But I love the One Line A Day journal. The journal has a page for each day of the year and has five spots on each page (one for 5 years). Four or my best friends gifted this journal to me for my 22nd birthday and I absolutely love it. It is so simple and to the point – the title pretty much explains it all – you just write down one line a day. As you go through the journal, year after year, you can see what has changed in your life, where you were and what you were doing on that same day a year (or 5) ago. On April 6 I will start going through it a second time and I’m excited to be able to look back at this past year as I move forward into my future.

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