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A Look Back | 2012

It has officially been 2 years of blogging. I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would be where I am today. I remember following my favorite wedding photographer’s blogs and daydreaming about being able to get be a part of someone’s special day. Who knew I would actually be a Wedding Photographer just a year and a half later?! God definitely had a plan and I had no clue what was coming.

I started my old blog as part of a class assignment to document the process of my projects and decided in January 2011 that I would continue blogging. I enjoyed looking back at where I started, where I had gone, and how I got there. My blog is a lot more than just a way to share images. It is a part of my business, a way of connecting with future, present, and past clients. A way to share a little part of who I am. It is also a digital scrapbook of sorts. For someone who has never scrapbooked nor has any intention to scrapbook, I enjoy documenting what happens throughout the year and I will be able to look back in years to come.

2012 has been quite a year. It has been full of surprises and challenges, but also of growing. I photographed my first two weddings and was honored to play such an important role in Cara & Ryan and Nicole & Luke’s weddings. I was also blessed to be able to assist in 9+ weddings – learning from everyone of them. I registered my business and officially became a small business owner. My photography was also featured on a wedding blog for the first time.

Though a lot of good things happened, there have been a lot of struggling and planning for what to do in this coming year and how to grow my business.  And usually these stressful subjects and the never ending To Do List overwhelm me and cause me to forget what I have been able to accomplish in this past year. Writing them down here has helped and is helping me set out to write down my goals for 2013.

I’m excited for what 2013 has in store, personally and for my business. And I am excited that I can share each experience here. To start the new year off – I drove up to Minneapolis this weekend to visit friends. My old roommates and I went ice skating in downtown St. Paul. I went tubing with my friends Sarah, Lauren, and Lauren’s boyfriend Alex on New Year’s Eve. Then Sarah, her husband Chad, and I had plans to run the Polar Dash 10k New Year’s Day. Chad had a terrible cold, so he opted to cheer Sarah and I on from the sidelines. We finished this morning in -4 degree weather! BRRR. It was definitely an experience. And it wasn’t as painful as I was expecting it to be, especially since the longest training run I had under my belt was only 2.5 miles :/   That was completely my own fault. But we had fun anyway and we were able to finish in one piece, even if we were ice cubes by the end of the race!

Here are Sarah and I crossing the finish line and our support team Katelyn and Chad!

*Finish line Photos courtesy of the Polar Dash

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