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My Lost Bus Ticket

My sophmore year at the University of Minnesota and my second year living in Minneapolis I got up the guts to take the Greyhound bus by myself home for the weekend. I had planned on secretly taking the bus at 1:30am and arriving in Des Moines at 5am the morning of April fool’s day. To hide in the back of my mother’s minivan and scare her. You see, April Fool’s day is one of our favorite holidays. We spend every year trying to out do the last. My mom had made me cry two years before when she told me, she couldn’t afford to help me go to the University of Minnesota – the school that I had my heart set on. It wasn’t until after I had tears rolling down my cheeks that she yelled out, “APRIL FOOLS!” I was on a mission to get revenge. So I got the okay from my dad (just so someone knew what I was planning on doing) and I purchased my ticket online. I didn’t even know my ticket had gotten lost in the mail and had been sent to the wrong address until I received a different envelope with my bus ticket along with a note stating, “Hi Katie, Your ticket was mailed to me & I thought you might want it 🙂 safe travels! -Angela.”

Because of the thoughtfulness of a complete stranger I was able to go ahead with my plans and my trip worked out smoothly.

You may be wondering why the heck I’m posting about this today. Well, when I was moving and unpacking boxes a couple weeks ago, I came across Angela’s note. I had kept it, I’m not sure why, but I can only assume that it was for the same reason I still keep it pinned to my bulletin board. It reminds me of the kindness in this world. That someone I didn’t even know, took the time to mail me my bus ticket to a complete stranger without wanting anything in return. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it pinned up next to my desk.

So, thank you Angela. Thank you for sending me my lost bus ticket. And thank you for being a great example and helping me remember to take a little time to slow down and help someone else when they need it.

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